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We have launched Farmshots and are ready to start signing everyone up to begin getting satellite images with NDVI analysis.

Getting started is simple, all we need to know are which fields you are interested in getting imagery for.  This can be accomplished by one of the following:

  • Send in field boundaries you’ve created from your field computer or GIS software via email or a USB stick.
  • Send us a picture of the field and relative location with hand drawn boundaries via email or by sending physical pictures in the mail.
  • Schedule a time or stop by the next time you’re in town and we can create the boundaries here at the office.

Once this is received we will create your account and contact you with the login credentials.

You will then have immediate access to current satellite imagery and NDVI analysis of your fields (from December of 2016 through now) with the higher resolution, higher frequency images beginning in May and lasting through September.  (Note you will have year-round images)

Due to the high level of interest, we were able to keep costs low and offer this service for an annual cost of $1 per acre, or less, depending on the number of acres you sign up.  (See pricing breakdown below)


  • First 0-500 Acres – $500 (Minimum Fee)
  • Next 500-1000 Acres @ $0.90/acre (1000 Acres = $950)
  • Next 1000-1500 Acres @ $0.80/acre (1500 Acres = $1350)
  • Next 1500-2000 Acers @ $0.70/acre (2000 Acres = $1700)
  • Next 2000-2500 Acres @ $0.60/acre (2500 Acres = $2000)
  • Next 2500-5000 Acres @ $0.50/acre (5000 Acres = $3250)
  • Next 5000-10000 Acres @ $0.40/acre (10000 Acres = $5250)
  • Next 10000+ Acres @ $0.30/acre (20000 Acres = $8250)

We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have via email, over the phone or in person.

Thank you for your interest, we are looking forward to working with you.