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We have launched Farmshots and are ready to start signing everyone up to begin getting satellite images with NDVI analysis.

Getting started is simple, all we need to know are which fields you are interested in getting imagery for.  This can be accomplished by one of the following:

  • Send in field boundaries you’ve created from your field computer or GIS software via email or a USB stick.
  • Send us a picture of the field and relative location with hand drawn boundaries via email or by sending physical pictures in the mail.
  • Schedule a time or stop by the next time you’re in town and we can create the boundaries here at the office.

Once this is received we will create your account and contact you with the login credentials.

You will then have immediate access to current satellite imagery and NDVI analysis of your fields (from December of 2016 through now) with the higher resolution, higher frequency images beginning in May and lasting through September.  (Note you will have year-round images)

Due to the high level of interest, we were able to keep costs low and offer this service for an annual cost of $1 per acre, or less, depending on the number of acres you sign up.  (See pricing breakdown below)


  • First 0-500 Acres – $500 (Minimum Fee)
  • Next 500-1000 Acres @ $0.90/acre (1000 Acres = $950)
  • Next 1000-1500 Acres @ $0.80/acre (1500 Acres = $1350)
  • Next 1500-2000 Acers @ $0.70/acre (2000 Acres = $1700)
  • Next 2000-2500 Acres @ $0.60/acre (2500 Acres = $2000)
  • Next 2500-5000 Acres @ $0.50/acre (5000 Acres = $3250)
  • Next 5000-10000 Acres @ $0.40/acre (10000 Acres = $5250)
  • Next 10000+ Acres @ $0.30/acre (20000 Acres = $8250)

We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have via email, over the phone or in person.

Thank you for your interest, we are looking forward to working with you.


Introducing our latest line of precision agriculture products:


Topcon’s premium line of products have been created with the farmer in mind.  Keeping the operating system easy to use and allowing you to customize what it is you want and need to see on your display.  ISO integration means your Topcon is able to communicate and display information from various other manufactures seamlessly.  And knowing needs change, Topcon has made certain their products can be upgraded easily to meet those needs without having to change out your existing hardware.  So whatever your application, Topcon, has a solution.


Contact us to find out how Topcon can make your operation more efficient and profitable.

Steinbauer Power Modules



Spray Center Electronics is proud to announce their new partnership with Steinbauer, the leader in engine tuning technology.    With 20 years experience in the industry, Steinbauer has developed a thorough understanding of engine control units for a wide range of brands and how to safely optimize increases in power and torque.  More power means, more acres in less time, saving you fuel and keeping hours off of your machine all with the peace of mind of a 3 year warranty and a hassle free installation and operation.   Available for all makes and models including agriculture equipment, passenger vehicles and trucks.

Give us a call today to see how much power you’re missing out on!

Makes a great Christmas present!


images                                        steinbauer_1_2_23


Fast Applicator’s and Sprayer’s In-Stock

In-Stock and ready to rent or purchase with financing available through AgDirect.


If we don’t have what you are looking for in-stock, please give us a call so that we can discuss and order the right machine to fit your needs.

Raven X Event


Thank you to everyone who came to our Raven X event this year.  A special thanks to Mark Richter for allowing us to use his shop and air space.  We also want to thank Martin, Kyle and Randy from Raven and Ag Eagle for helping us put this event on.   Please feel free to contact us directly with any additional questions or inquires you may have about the products we showcased.




imgres (8)15_hawkeye-closeup2







Palouse-Rock Lake Conservation District High Residue Drill Demo















GS Satellite Subscriptions

It’s about that time of year where most of these 1-year subscriptions are running out.

An easy way to tell is to go to your GPS Health screen and check under “Mode”.  If this is stuck in Mode: 1 and doesn’t go to Mode: 2 and eventually Mode: 5, more than likely your subscription has lapsed.

If this is the case, go to and select:raven-gs-corrections_438x315-438x315

Proceed to select the number of months you’d like to purchase and select “Add to Cart” and then “Checkout”.

Enter in the required information found on your console under GPS Health and then selecting the little green box with an image of a satellite on it.

For date and time select today’s date and put in a time about 30 minutes out.

Once you’ve paid for the subscription be sure to leave your console on until you see the “Mode” switch to Mode: 5.


As always, please feel free to contact us with any additional questions.




SCE Training Day 2016

SCE’s annual training day was a success.  Thank you to all of those who attended; we look forward to working with you this year.  (If you missed the seminar or would like to review a particular section, please refer to the Videos section of our website.)


IMG_1674 IMG_1670 IMG_1673 IMG_1675 IMG_1672 IMG_1671

Common Misconceptions Regarding UAV-Collected NDVI Imagery

Common Misconceptions Regarding UAV-Collected NDVI Imagery

If you are considering spending several thousand dollars on a proclaimed “Infrared” or “NDVI” camera for your drone, this is a good article to read and consider before doing so.  As you’ll read, not all NDVI images are create equal and the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index was actually created some 40-years-ago to work with images captured by satellites, not within our atmosphere by less precise cameras on drones.

Also note that Near Infrared, the most predominate light wave emitted by healthy plant tissue, images are actually black and white.  The NDVI images you’re accustomed to seeing online are actually created using software after the fact.

The raw image take with a blue notch filter gives a general idea about the scene. Feel free to download and play with all of the vegetation indices you see thrown around.The NIR-VIS index returns a very reproducible vegetation map. Here we've applied a false coloring that scales from green (dense vegetation) to yellow to red to grey (no vegetation). Notice the tractors, houses, and roads have a low signal, while the fields have a higher signal.

The NIR-VIS image is in sharp contrast to the NDVI image. Here, the tractors looks like vegetables! These normalization problems are an artifact of the varied light conditions we experience on Earth that the Landsat simply doesn't have to deal with.








The first image shows the raw photo taken by their camera with a blue notch filter, the center shown after it has been altered using Agribotix software using a NIR-VIS index, notice the tractor is black and the vegetation is green. The image on the right was altered using a standard NDVI, you’ll notice the tractor lights up in green as if it were a plant, a common issue found when using NDVI.


Content and images credit Agribotix article “Misconceptions about UAV-collected NDVI imagery and the Agribotix experience in ground truthing these images for agriculture” posted June 10, 2014.

Custom Kubota Sprayer

Doyal and Brett just put the finishing touches on this custom built sprayer using a Ace Low Profile 110 gallon tank, a Hypro hydraulic centrifugal pump, and Hannay electric hose reel mounted on a custom stainless skid with fork lift cut-outs.  Section control handled by a Raven 203 console and Spraying Systems electric shut-off valves.   Liquid is applied via Hypro XT43’s on either side with a TeeJet Floodjet in the middle.

IMG_1642 IMG_1641 IMG_1644

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